Interview with Vladimir Litvinov and Olga Nikolajeva
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Interview with Vladimir Litvinov and Olga Nikolajeva

Posted on Monday, 19 Nov 2012, 22:22 by admin
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We interviewed Vladimir Litvinov and Olga Nikolajeva, the winners of the Amateur Rising Star Latin at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2012 in the lobby of our hotel. Since Blackpool they danced the International Championships where they were 16th in the Amateur Latin and other competitions such as Dutch Open. Vladimir and Olga represent Russia.

They talked about their view on dancing and the sport element in it and the discipline the sport brings into it. Vladimir and Olga enjoy dancing with each other and it is important to them that they invoke positive emotions in their audience.

Read the whole interview which completes our Blackpool 2012 series.

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