Errol Williamson and Zhaniya Zharmenova split
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Errol Williamson and Zhaniya Zharmenova split

Posted on Thursday, 07 Nov 2013, 08:45 by admin
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After two years Errol Williamson and Zhaniya Zharmenova decided to end their dancing partnership. They represented Kazakhstan and were 5th U/21 World championship Standard 2013. They were also Kazakh Amateur champions in Standard, Latin and 10 Dance in 2013. In 2012 Errol and Zhaniya became WDSF World Youth 10 Dance silver medalist, GOC Youth Standard finalists and WDSF World Youth Standard finalists. See more results.

Errol and Zhaniya parted on a friendly basis and wish each other the best of luck in the future. They would like to thank their coaches, family and friends for their support, the Kazakh Federation and their club "La Danza" for all their support.

Now Errol and Zhaniya are both looking for new partners.

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