Results from British Closed Championships 1996 - British Closed Amateur Latin Thursday, 21 November 1996
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British Closed Championships 1996
England - Blackpool Thursday, 21 November 1996

British Closed Amateur Latin Thursday, 21 November 1996


1  Matthew Cutler & Nicole Cutler England
2  David Watson & Malin Karlson England
3  Paul Neligan & Melanie Walker England
4  Darren Bennett & Ruth Coster England
5  Scott Montague & Kimberley Mitchell England
6  Christian Bradbury & Linda Mccann (aka Bradbury) Ireland
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  Ian Banhan & Annette Lait England
  Paul Cloud & Deborah Sayers England
  Leigh Fuller & Louise Lidbury England
  James Jordan & Kate Pothecary England
  Darren Robertson & Suzanne Smith Scotland
  Stephen Sysum & Katie Lagden England


  Warren Brown & Kirsty Lunn Scotland
  Keith Egan & Claire Egan England
  Leigh Hardy & Vanessa High England
  Christopher Heath & Gemma Maclean England
  Grant Jarmain & Kerry Adams England
  Paul Mccann & Victoria Martin Ireland
  Anthony Miles & Gemma Girling England
  Peter Nash & Wendy Phillips England
  Koji Nishijina & Tammy Dowling England
  Matthew Pound & Elisabeth Francis England
  James Prouton & Jennifer Hurley England
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