Interview with Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich

Interview with Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich

Posted on Saturday, 13 Feb 2010, 14:08 by spectator100
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We scheduled the interview with Zoran and Tatsiana for the next day after they won the Amateur Latin competition at UK Open 2010 in Bournemouth, England. We did not recognise Zoran at first when they arrived - he looks so different off the dancing floor. They are the Croatian national champions, IDSF Grand Slam winners from 2009 and finalists of the European and World championships. See their results page and photos in our galleries.

Believe in yourself and believe in the direction in which you are going

Congratulations on your victory and first UK Title last night

[Zoran and Tatsiana] Thank You!

You represented Slovenia and now you represent Croatia. Are you Slovenian or Croatian?

[Zoran] I am Slovenian and have Slovenian and Croatian Passport and Tatsiana is Byelorussian and has Byelorussian and Slovenian Passport and we dance for Croatia. We dance for Croatia for 2 years. We live in Llujbiana, Slovenia.

Can you tell us please about yourself how you started and when you started to dance and how you met

[Tatsiana] I started when my mother and my father were dancing so it was decided I would dance for sure so I could not walk properly but it was decided I would dance. I started when I was 6 and danced my first competition when I was 7. I was born in Minsk, Byelorussia and when I was 20 I was dancing with a Byelorussian boy and we were quite successful in our country and then Zoran invited me to Slovenia.

[Zoran] I started when I was 9 a little bit later than her. It's actually quite a funny story because in the beginning I never thought I would be a dancer. When I was 5 or 6 years old I started to play tennis. I was really serious and everything was about the tennis. Then after 3 years I became sick and I did not continue with the tennis and just at this moment dancing was just starting in Slovenia. I don't know how come but suddenly the dancing became really, really popular and everybody went to dance. The other thing is that it was really, really cheap in our money it was like now 1 or 2 Euro for a course of 8 lessons. So I tried. There were so many people going to dancing for the first time and they picked some people and they gave an envelope to say you were picked to be a dancer and if you would like to join us please come. One year after that I started to compete in Juveniles.

... and then?

[Zoran] I have to say I had quite a successful career. In Junior I, I think this is 12/13 years, I won Junior Blackpool in Ballroom and was 3rd or 4th in Latin. In 15/16 years I won International Ballroom and was 2nd in Latin. At Blackpool I was 2nd in Ballroom 3rd in Latin. Then as Youth I was World Champion at 10 Dance and 4th in Ballroom World Championship. Then when I was 20 Tatsiana and I began to dance together and then our career started.

So how did you meet?

[Zoran] This maybe Tatsiana should tell you

[Tatsiana] I was at a competition in Hradec Kralove (Czech Rep) dancing with my previous partner. I remember this competition so well there was something so special about it , It was my first International Open Competition and I had very nice new dress and I just put the new tan and everything was going so good. It was the first time we reached the final and we were 4th. There were 3 judges and I still remember their names, Hubert De Maesschalck from Belgium, Branko Bohak from Slovenia and Jerry Abrate from Italy who were looking at me all the time during the competition and they marked me 1st. I was saying "Oh that was the best competition of my life". And it was a very good beginning. I was also dancing ballroom at this time and the next day it was the ballroom competition and one couple hit me with the elbow on the head and it was the finish of the comp for me so it was very nice and also sad because of the end of the competition. But from the beginning to the end there was something so very special about this competition. So after 2 months....

[Zoran] No, no, it was one month. It was one month after

[Tatsiana] But it was 2 months before I received it. After 2 months we have a competition in Minsk and the wife of the President comes to me and puts in my hand a small piece of paper and says "I have something for you" and she disappears. I am thinking what is wrong here what this piece of paper is. So l looked at it and it was a fax from Slovenia and it said "Please can you help us to find the address of Tatsiana Lahvinovich". Because I had never thought that I could be like some people who go to dance for another country. I was never thinking about this because I was quite happy with my life in Minsk I was already teaching in the school. I had my students my couples. I am thinking, Oh my God. Even when I had this paper I thought "I don't know maybe I lost something and the Slovenian has found it" so I sent a reply "This is me" and in 5 minutes I get this long letter saying: "we have this Zoran Plohl here" and all his results.

When I was reading this we had never competed against each other. My partner was older so I was competing in different age group and this was the age when you moved from one to the other quite fast. So we had never met. At first I did not believe it and I thought "No it's not possible, the World Champion. We better check if it is true". And it was true. They said "We really want you to try to dance together if you are interested please answer to us". I still could not believe that this was happening so I wrote back one sentence "Yes I am interested" (laughing). Again I received a long letter with all the conditions and all the plans, everything. After this things happened very fast. as there were competitions and for all these Soviet Countries you needed Visa. My partner and I we planned to go to Copenhagen Open and I needed to give my passport to get the Visa. So then I had to explain to my partner that I wanted to go to Slovenia and so we cancelled the competition and he said to me that he understood and he would do the same in my place.

[Zoran] You did not tell them the most interesting thing which was that we never saw each other.

[Tatsiana] Yes we never saw each other, it was the teachers

[Zoran] My teachers said to me there is girl with which you should dance and I said OK I trust you, because I trust my teachers all the time. I really thought that's it because at this time there were a lot of propositions of girls that I should try but I never wanted any of these I only wanted to dance with her. And it was not really a try out because she arrived with all her stuff.

[Tatsiana] Yes. Because they were writing the plans and the date of the competitions. What I liked most was they wrote in three weeks we have Slovenian National Championships

[Zoran] So we will dance

[Tatsiana] They write in half a year it will be European 10 Dance Championships

[Zoran] So I did not know what she looks like and I go the airport with my family

How old were you at this time?

[Tatsiana] 20 years old

[Zoran] So I am waiting at the airport and I am looking for some sign, some bag with a name or something because I did not know what she looked like at all and she did not know what I look like.

[Tatsiana] At this time they did not have telephones like today.

[Zoran] So one girls comes out the airport and my father says (excitedly) "That's it. That's her" and I say "No, it's not" and he says "That's it go, go, go" and I say "No, no, no that's not her" then straight after this girl there comes girl through the door like this ... (at this point we were treated to the sight of Zoran (much amusement) bent over staggering backwards and miming the pulling on the strap of some heavy object)... pulling a huge bag, a huge bag. This small girl and this huge bag and I say "That's her" and my father (despair) "Oh no!" and I say "Yes that's her, look, it's a Choice bag, that's a dancers bag so thats her" and I go to her and say "Hello, Tatsiana" and she says "Tanya" and I was thinking, OK, it does not matter, let's go.

So we get to the car and I was thinking for 5 minutes while we are going in the car "Did I take the right one" (more amusement). So we sit in the car

[Tatsiana] (softly speaking under Zoran) he told me all this later! In my country Tatsiana is the full name and Tanya the short one but in Slovenia they are two separate names totally different.

[Zoran] For me it was strange when I say "Tatsiana" and she says "Tanya". Oh my God. So now I must check if it's the right girl so I say "So which do you like better Ballroom or Latin" and she says "Latin" and I think that's OK. I will take her now. So after we get to Slovenia because we picked her up in Vienna we get home and have dinner. Half an hour after we have the dinner Tatsiana says "Come on, we go" it is after 8.00 o'clock at night and I say "Where do we go?", and she says "We go to train, to try" so OK we go. We come to the hall and we try maybe one minute I say "Yes" and Tatsiana says "Yes".

[Tatsiana] We just put our heads together and we move a little bit.

[Zoran] It is not like today where it is maybe one week, one month, it was just one minute. Then we practise and after 3 weeks dance Slovenian National Championships and we were 3rd. And this was good because we were Amateurs and Skufca was 1st and Krajcer 2nd. So it was really top couples and this was very good for us.

Which year was this?

[Zoran] Year 2000, 10 years ago.

[Tatsiana] Then same year we danced European 10 Dance Championship and we were 4th. Everything was moving fast. Very, very fast.

It is interesting because when we spoke to Riccardo and Yulia they said as soon as they started to dance together for both of them it was: Yes!

[Zoran] And this is funny and strange because I had many very good propositions and also at this time there were problems with the money and I never saw her. But I said I think I want to dance with her and when we try then I knew I was right. You just feel it and this is the best.

Which result do you find your best, the one you are most proud of? It need not be your top result

[Tatsiana] It's difficult. It's different... I remember very well my first National Championship and I remember in the car driving home and I was thinking "Oh my God, I must be the happiest person in the world because it was so great". That was the first one and the second one for me was the World Championship in Hungary 2005

[Zoran] Yes, of course but 2006

[Tatsiana] Again we were 3rd. I remember standing on the podium and I was thinking "but you can't handle it you are so filled with happiness". Then of course last Blackpool. Because Steffano was in the competition and we did not worry about the result at all. We said we could not think about the results. We will make the final and that's it. We had such a strong wish to enjoy this final because it's a great experience and somehow the whole competition everything was perfect and when they call us 2nd and Zoran was running on the floor and parents and everything and I can't believe it's happening.

Then of course yesterday it was so good standing on the floor and I liked very much how Len Armstrong said to us "Now nobody can take it from you. Now you are dance history as winner of UK". Afterwards when I was talking with my Mum on the phone I said "Can you imagine even in 100 years it is still my name that is shown winning this competition". You really feel proud that after all these hours of work and sacrifices you are rewarded.

Do you ever closely study your marks to see how this judge marked you or that judge marked you or do you just think, well, that's the result and I cannot change it

[Zoran] We did this before, we did this a lot. Like all people we checked this and checked that but in time you understand that it doesn't matter. What matters is how you dance and what result you get. You cannot influence anything. The only thing you can influence are the dancing and your performance and this is what we do we are the dancers. Now for the last 2 years we never check it. The people around, they check it and tell us. Before who was judging panel was really important but now not so and especially this last Blackpool gave us a good lesson.

[Tatsiana] If you are really good it does not matter who is judging you will get the result.

[Zoran] It depends on you. They will reward you, if you show that you are good, that you improved, you are really occupied with our art, with the dancing. People will reward you and that's a nice thing.

I look at marks a lot I was very intrigued by the International. If you changed one judge you could have a different result

[Tatsiana] At the International yes we know that if one mark in jive was different we would win the competition

[Zoran] Yes it was 3 2 in the dances against us with Alex and in the jive there was that one mark which if it changed we would win the competition. It is very true what you say. I think we are all very different at the moment.

[Tatsiana] Especially the first three couples

[Zoran] One judge likes this and another one likes something else, so it is what they prefer, but in the end it is close.

Tatsiana, when you were talking you said about the sacrifices and you looked at Zoran. Have you had to make many sacifices?

[Tatsiana] It was because I used his words. Just yesterday when we were sitting in the changing room he was so quiet and I said to him "Are you happy?" and he said "I feel so good I feel so rewarded for all the sacrifices I made in my life", so this was why I looked at him I used his words. Actually though I think that all dancers all couples make a lot of sacrifices.

If you talk to some normal person who is not involved with the dancing they just do not understand how we can live like this. For example now we will be away from home for nearly one month because you always need to travel. From here we go to Paris, from Paris we go to Gotteborg, from Gotteborg we go to Pforzheim. Some people think that it is interesting and it's exciting.

[Zoran] (breaking in) Not if you do it for 20 years.

[Tatsiana] But it's very difficult. You never get opportunities to just relax at home

We notice that you seem to travel more than most couples. The time zone changes must be terrible

[Tatsiana] It is much better now; we travel less than we did. Two or three years ago somebody was counting and we beat the record. We danced the most competitions of all the couples but now we try to be more clever with planning

[Zoran] I think we started to understand that if you dance so many competitions the quality of your dancing suffers. You lose the inspiration you lose the freshness. It becomes more mechanical more competitive and sporty

[Tatsiana] You want to improve yourself and don't have time

[Zoran] And this is not the way. We tried to cancel as much as possible and instead practise as much as we can. We want to dance the big competitions and at these competitions produce good work and do the best that we can

[Tatsiana] To come back to your question. I never have a problem with time changes because I always feel so tired from practise and everything so it is a case that if I can sleep OK I sleep now. But for Zoran it is not good.

[Zoran] I always have a problem. I can never sleep

[Tatsiana] When the World Championship was in Melbourne Australia we knew that Zoran would have this problem so we travelled 5 days before and after 4 days he was OK and we danced the competition.

When you were travelling and dancing so much was this because you chose to do so or were you invited by organisers etc.?

[Zoran] You know this was in previous years and we had this idea it was good. And maybe we were too good and you feel you have a responsibility to say yes. That is one thing and then the second we wanted to do competitions for our own promotion but then you have all the Grand Slams plus all the International Open competitions because it is very important for us to get the points for IDSF Rankings, then World Cups, European cups

[Tatsiana] But we also felt that we must be very supportive

[Zoran] We were dancing almost every week and we did not recognise it until we said Oh this is too much let us do less. When we danced very week we felt very good because you really stay in shape dancing a 5 round competition every week. So the good thing is that you always stay in good shape but the bad thing as I said you lose the freshness, you lose the interesting qualities that make good dancing.

Is there something you would have liked to do outside dancing but you could not even consider?

[Tatsiana] No. No.

So everything is dancing...

[Zoran] I think our world is a different world. We do not know the real world. We live in the dancers world and however you turn it and talk about sacrifices I think it is a beautiful world.. All these competitions, all these nice people, we do not see or feel the reality of the outside world. I do not think anyone from the dancing world can complain and we all have to enjoy the beautiful world we have.

[Tatsiana] Fo me it was always very clear, this is my thing. This is my life. From the very beginning I know that I want to do this,

[Zoran] Sometimes you think oh I feel so bad, so poor, I feel so tired but overall you do it

Do you set yourselves a target and think every day we must do 4 hours or 5 hours?

[Zoran] OK, this I have to say. Tatsiana can't speak about this. (Very firmly spoken but with humour) I have a partner, now how do I say this I have to find a nice word, not organised. Bossy, very bossy (laughter) so if I don't do so many hours of practise believe me I think she would hang me!

(Laughing) She is a woman

[Zoran] Oh, my God. Usually if we do not do at least 5 or 6 hours she says we are not practising enough. She says what are we doing? Come on lets go lets practise.

[Tatsiana] People go to work and the dancing is our work

[Zoran] There was one time we were practising like crazy and I could not walk anymore and she says "We go to practise" and I say "where" (shocked tone) now it is the evening and she says "We go to Semley".

[Tatsiana] We were in London.

[Zoran] I say No I cannot do this, I cannot walk any more she says "No we go to practise" and I say "No, I cannot" then she pushed and pulled me up and I say "Listen I am only a Slovenian I can't do it"

[Tatsiana] (in a very plaintive voice) "I am just a Slovenian I cannot do it" (heavy stress on "just" leading to an outbreak of laughter)

[Zoran] It is like Monsters these Russian people. Oh my God there is no stopping, no limit they will go on and on and on.

[Tatsiana] But he went to practise

[Zoran] Yes I went to do it I have no choice I have to do it. Even when I can't walk we have to do it. But really this is a good thing to push yourself to go over the limit and people who do go over the limit are successful.

Are you a couple in your private life?

[Zoran] We used to be but we have not been for a long time now.

I was wondering why she has this influence over you

[Zoran] Actually we live together and we are the best friends. She knows everything about me and I know everything about her. We live together 24 hours per day. Actually the most difficult thing is if you are together as a couple at the beginning and then you split.

[Tatsiana] Yes, this was quite difficult

[Zoran] This is a very difficult period. Most couples have a big problem here but we went through it very well because we knew most important we were dancing together and we do everything for the dancing.

[Tatsiana] Yes both of us we really want to dance together no matter what problem we have no matter how difficult so we knew we would solve it.

[Zoran] That's why it is so now it is so peaceful, so calming, now we really know where we are. We always know how it is. There is no problem. Whenever there is a question we know there are Rules. We did not set the rules but there are some rules where we know what and how. We have danced together 10 years so we know each other.

Do you have other partners outside dancing or there is no time or that?

[Zoran] To have something serious is very difficult because we are together all the time, we travel so much, and you really don't have time. We have some friends, but they are friends it cannot be serious. Because if you do have something serious it is not fair to the other person.

[Tatsiana] They are alone, they are at home waiting for you, and you are with your dance partner travelling around the world.

[Zoran] All our "friends" are from the dancing world because I don't see myself with another girl who is not a dancer, everything is different, already how she walks is wrong (laughing)

[Tatsiana] Once he came to me and he said to me "I don't like her nails" (laughs) What?

[Zoran] That's just how it is

What's the most important in dancing for you?

[Tatsiana] Even if I watch a movie it is the movement, even how they walk. The movement and the music; I love the music and the connection between the two. The body - how it moves with the music, how it feels. And how it looks. For me this is the most beautiful thing in the world. I love it very much.

[Zoran] For me, and I am very different and to be different can be a good thing, I am a very big child inside and for me dancing is like playing and I want to play all the time. .If I can go to this zone, to this place, so that I can achieve it in competition that I can really play and enjoy it and I am really alone in my world and this is really nice. It's about being you.

So many of the Latin couples say that they hate the music at Blackpool

[Zoran] We so love the music at Blackpool.

[Tatsiana] OK so I can understand somebody that is listening to the music but they are not at Blackpool saying this but when you are in Blackpool in this atmosphere in this hall I cannot imagine OK I am not a big fan of Blackpool music I don't listen to it when I am at home but when I am in Blackpool I just cannot imagine that they would play different music there. It just fits together, this music, this competition, this place.

[Zoran] I think this is mainly the people the couples who are, shall we say much younger but all of us who are more experienced perhaps already at the top we all just love the Blackpool music, also the Ross Mitchell Orchestra, it's just the music that makes you want to dance. It gives you this "go" so I think its just the young people. In recent years there has been too much disco music that is not connected to our art, to our system. It does not suit at all.

[Tatsiana] It is like when they play Don't cry for me Argentina for Paso Doble I cannot believe, this it is incredible. You cannot dance to this.

You have mentioned the word Art several times, so do you consider dance more of an art or sport?

[Zoran] I think it is both. First of all if you wish to make it to the top you have to have stamina. You have to be prepared, to make preparations as a sportsman but when you are on the floor and dancing then it is an Art. It cannot be a sport because it is not about how many turns you do, it is not about how high you jump in the air, it is not about how fast you are or how big a step you take. It's about the dynamics, it's about the rhythmical things, it's about the body movement, it's about the partnering, it is all much deeper but we cannot say it is only Art because only Art is the ballet, we have to be prepared as a physical person.

So does Ballet...

[Tatsiana] Yes, that is not a good comparison.

[Zoran] It's a little bit different they don't need so much stamina. We need more stamina

[Tatsiana] I do not agree, my respect is in ballet

[Zoran] I don't think so.

[Tatsiana] I am thinking more of those people about the dancers that are like in basic. Every person who wants to be a dancer they need to be very fit to be a sporty person. After he can create the art but if you don't have the physical base it's just not possible and it's not going to happen. OK it does not happen that often, but you do see couples and they are dying on the floor. You cannot see it as art because that is not art, you can see them suffering. So the sport is on the base and the art is on the top.

What preparations do you use outside of dancing. Do you jog, go to the gym?

[Zoran] You know we tried many things during the years of our career. We tried to jog. Actually I like to run a lot but it is different muscles which are working and also it's a different stamina and you can still be totally tired on the floor. The best thing is to make finals and dance finals. Especially if you can do 3 or 4 immediately before a big comp or of course dance one or two finals every week.

[Tatsiana] Also, for instance, dance jive 10 times with full energy

[Zoran] It has to be in our way the dancing way. For instance I don't think running or bicycle riding is good, it may be working the muscles and for the shape for the structure of the body but not for the stamina on the floor which is completely different.

[Tatsiana] We also have some extra special exercises for dancers by Shirley Hancock these are for special muscles which dancers use.

[Zoran] All the time have to know which muscles you use, you have to know which muscles to improve so that your body will look in better shape because as we know there is a lot about how your body works how you stand your posture. You cannot win nor have a good result if your posture is not right. You have to do these repetitions so that the muscle memory becomes stronger.

But with such a partner you have no problems with fitness and stamina (Tatsiana laughs)

[Zoran] I think this is the only girl in the world who never has a problem with Stamina. I think I am very fit, very strong and can easily go through the final, but how many times has it happened that I was tired but she is never tired so that's why I have to keep it up.

But she looks so tiny

[Zoran] She has a devil inside!

From now on you will be known as Miss Whiplash! (laughter especially Tatsiana)

[Tatsiana]I like it when someone says which Horoscope sign are you and I say I am a Pisces which is fish and Zoran says "No, she is a Piranha". (laughter) Small but dangerous.

What are your plans for the future?

[Zoran] Well, first of all we want to win everything that it is possible to win in the Amateurs. And this result was very good so now it needs to continue. After that we want to go to the Professionals. But it depends how fast it is going to happen. If everything goes perfect this year and we win all the titles straight through then maybe next year Professionals otherwise one more year.

In the future when you are Professional you want to have the studio where?

[Zoran and Tatsiana] Slovenia!

[Zoran] We want to have the work in Slovenia, where we live, we want to have a good base in our country but of course we travel a lot and we have a lot of work around so it is no problem but still I want something in my country. This is the base and everything fits around this. We don't want to travel around because something gets lost and you need some security in your own place.

Usually we ask what advice you give to less fortunate dancers because 99.9% of dancers who come to our site had not same success as you. What would you advise them to do to achieve what you have achieved?

[Zoran] I think the first thing that you need to achieve a good result and it's not just us but all couples including Michael and Joanna because sometimes we practise together and also Riccardo and Yulia, is to be a fanatic about this sport, this art. If you are not a fanatic you cannot make it.

[Tatsiana] If you are not prepared to give everything then it will not happen. It will be the biggest love of your life and you must have faith in yourself and practise and practise

[Zoran] But it is not only about the practise. People don't seem to understand. Sometimes people say "I did everything". Then I say so what did you do. They say "well, this month we practised 4 hours a day" or sometimes they say "I practise every day". "Everything" means you get a plan and you plan "every little thing" and you practise 8 hours a day. Sometimes you don't sleep or sleep only a couple of hours. You have to earn the money and then give it away to put it into you career but sometimes people don't want to do that. They see the money and then they think oh I will buy myself this. It is not about "this".

You have to sacrifice when you work on the stamina because you come to the point and you say "Oh no, I can't any more" and they stop. No sacrifice, which is the most difficult because you have to do everything. Tough. You have to go on you have to go over your maximum to become a better dancer/artist/sportsman. This, I think, is the biggest sacrifice because you have to do every aspect also around the dancing more than normal and in the end you have to keep going.

[Tatsiana] Believe in yourself

[Zoran] Believe in yourself because you will have a lot of going up and down. A few years ago we were 3rd in European and suddenly we are not in the final.

[Tatsiana] No the best example is one years we were 8th In European and one week later we came to Blackpool and we are 86th.

[Zoran] 86th. You are going up and down.

[Tatsiana] Yes it happens sometimes

[Zoran] (with great passion) You still don't give up, you still don't practise less, you don't say it's the judges, the judges are wrong or blame the judges. You don't blame the partner. Most people blame their partner. It's your fault we will split. No! You stay together. Everybody has their bad moments. Believe in yourself and believe in the direction in which you are going. There is only one direction and if you go just a little bit off you will lose time.

Everybody blames the judges this is the normal thing but we cannot go away from it and it makes no point to talk about it. The thing is what you can do.

I think it was Donnie said once there were 6 couples in the final and 5 were judges

[Tatsiana] (laughing) This one is very good!

[Zoran] Of course everybody blames the judges and it makes no sense.

Do you have any person, figure or couple in the past or in the modern days that you consider you would like to follow or achieve the same?

[Zoran] Through my career I remember it was really funny, I was small it was Donnie and I had pictures of Donnie all around. Then after it was Bryan I like how Bryan danced but at the moment I think it is about our style, this is me, this is how I dance. Of course you look at the people but it is the case that each person has something special. This one it is this, that one it is that so you have to pick from each one a little bit. You think "Oh yes this I could do"

[Tatsiana] But you must still do it your way.

[Zoran] Yes, it must be your way. At the moment I love how my trainer dances so I always say what's he is doing for me it is always interesting. Really, it changes but in the end it is my way.

There are 2 ways to approach teachers. Some couples are going to many teachers to get a different point of view and others are going to very few or have only 1 so which is your way? Which do you prefer?

[Zoran] You know it's difficult, we tried both. At first, the beginning we had only one or two teachers and its OK but you come to the point where you have to get this other information that you feel and you see. So you need to get what other people don't appreciate what other people don't like so they give you their point of view. So you have to get this point of view but be open minded, open ears you can get all the information. After we get the information from the other people we get some new trainers to help us and give us their information.

[Tatsiana] You should have one or two main teachers or they add to each other or working together so they are like a team

[Zoran] One team so they are following the same line but you need other opinion otherwise you cannot succeed. You cannot stay in the box if you are only with the same people all the time with same opinion you stay in the box. You must get the information from other people so you change and you can improve.

So basically you prefer to have say like 3 teachers whom you gel with

[Zoran] Yes 3 people because 1 is not enough but with 3 you have who helps you a lot and then you get the other opinions

Do you think it is and advantage or to have a male and a female teacher?

[Tatsiana] I think it is necessary to have both. It's really necessary because it is different and also the female teacher is better for the female because sometimes it is the opposite. I think also the female teacher is good for the partner so, yes, it is necessary.

Thank you very much. And good luck!

Yochab Friday, 05 Mar 2010, 20:09 God, these guys are so inspiring
spectator100 Monday, 15 Feb 2010, 10:16

Thanks to dancesportinfo for these interviews.  Sounds like Zoran and Tatsaiana are very dedicated but have great sense of humour


What a wonderful attitude they have.  


Good Luck for the future and may they achieve their ambition to win every title.  They deserve this.