The introduction to ballroom makeup

The introduction to ballroom makeup

Posted on Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012, 16:36 by admin
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While back, when I was still an active dancer and a competitor, I had a lot of problems how to apply my makeup, what to begin with, what is looking good and what is not, and how to distinguish which tips & tricks from everyday makeup could be applicable and which couldn't.

As you already know, when you're 13 or 14 years old and should start applying makeup for competitions, you don't even have an experience of your own with makeup. For help you turn to your teachers and older dancers in your club, and if you don't get any specific information - you start experimenting on your face. Maybe you even try to copy someone's look which you like, but your 'copy' doesn't really look like the 'original'... My journey was kind of like that and that's why I want to help you so applying makeup for competitions would be fun and enjoyable instead of being something annoying and exhausting.

So, let me answer to the question I've heard at least 100 times, from those who are starting or are experienced dancers, and from those who aren't dancers at all...WHY DOES MAKEUP FOR DANCING HAVE TO BE SUCH A 'HEAVY' MAKEUP?

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