Interview with Andrey and Yuliya Klinchik

Interview with Andrey and Yuliya Klinchik

Posted on Friday, 09 Aug 2013, 23:35 by admin
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We chatted to Andrey and Yuliya Klinchik who were winners of the Professional Rising Star Ballroom at Blackpool 2013. Andrey and Yuliya are married and live in the US but originally come from Ukraine. They represent USA in Professional Ballroom division.

It was interesting to learn that Andrey did not start dancing until he was at the University. He says that what keeps him going during tough times is the memory of that intense pleasure he got from his first dance classes. Yuliya's background could not be more different - she grew up in a dance studio as both her parents were dance teachers.

Find out more in the fourth interview of the Blackpool 2013 series.

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