Karl Rasmussen and Charlotta Lundberg split

Karl Rasmussen and Charlotta Lundberg split

Posted on Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013, 21:05 by KarlRas
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After over five years of dancing together Karl Rasmussen and Charlotta Lundberg decided to terminate their partnership. They were Swedish champions in Amateur Ballroom WDC organisation. The other good results include a quarter finals of the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom at the UK Open in 2012 and 2013. They were 5th in the Disney Cup Amateur Ballroom in December 2012 and 7th in World Cup Amateur Ballroom organised by WDC Amateur League in Switzerland in September 2012. See more results and photos.

Karl and Charlotta would like to thank all their teachers, coaches and people that supported their dancing.

Charlotta decided to continue with her studies. Karl is searching for a new partner. He is available for try-outs.

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KarlRas Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013, 20:44