Mikhail Chernavin and Marthe Ekrem split

Mikhail Chernavin and Marthe Ekrem split

Posted on Monday, 04 Nov 2013, 21:32 by admin
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One of Norway's top Junior II couples, Mikhail Chernavin and Marthe Ekrem, has reached a common decision to terminate their partnership. The next season Mikhail will move into his first year of Youth u 19, while Marthe, being still Junior I girl, will move into her first year of Junior II.

During the past year they were the national champions of Norway in Ballroom, Latin and 10-dance for Junior II. They won all national ranking competitions in Ballroom. They were finalists and semifinalists in some European WDSF Open competitions, and semifinalists in Blackpool Junior Viennese Waltz 2013. They were proud participants in the Blackpool Junior Team Match. See more results.

Mikhail and Marthe want to thank their trainers, Pia and Janick Loewe, Gustaf Lundin and Valentina Oseledko and Svein Røtvold in particular. Also, they would like to thank their Danish sponsor Bressai for all support.

Both seek to continue their dancing, and they are searching for top motivated partners to go to all major WDSF Championships and competitions.

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