Results from British National Dance Championships - British National Amateur (Under 21) Modern Saturday, 23 November 2002
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British National Dance Championships
England - Blackpool Thursday, 21 November 2002

British National Amateur (Under 21) Modern Saturday, 23 November 2002


1  Mark Elsbury & Olga Alissievich England
2  Christopher Short & Yana Balabayeva England
3  Ilya Maleko & Kimberley Taylor England
4  Craig Shaw & Claire Hansen England
5  Richard Still & Kate Moore England
6  Antony Toms & Victoria Pulsakowska England
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  Stephen Arnold & Gemma-louise Arnold England
  Jamie De Souza & Victoria Bennett England
  Lee Donnelly & Toni Marie Foster England
  Yuri Rasin & Lesley Kemsley England
  Danny Stowell & Holly Woolcott England
  Andrew Thrower & Sophie Couper England

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  Simon Douglas & Gemma Miles England
  Steven Ford & Katie Gleeson England
  Jonathan Ford & Claire Bristow England
  Daniel Moorcroft & Victoria Atkinson England
  Thomas Stopani & Bianca Grover England
  Paul Warwick & Lisa Chard England
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{5} & {8}

{9} Couple, currently dancing for {10}