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Preciosa, the manufacturer of GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL, is a leading international producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly in the production of quality machine-cut stones, beads and other fashion jewellery components in abroad variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

Exceptional optical and aesthetic qualities are characteristic of the Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL. Perfect cut, high brilliance, a large assortment of shapes and size ranges and a large selection of colours make Preciosa® the world leader in the industry. The Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL trademark is a guarantee of the finest quality Czech product, available only from Preciosa®

Quality and origin guarantee - For centuries, Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic, has been known for its crystal. It was here where the art of crystal cutting was perfected. Today, Preciosa is known worldwide for its unique Hi-Pure Crystal Technology. All 425 000 articles are made in the Czech Republic.

Preciosa® Flat Back Stones – The best choice for your dress
Preciosa® Flat Back Stones are easily applied to a wide range of materials; whether you are gluing, hot-fixing or sewing them on.
Preciosa’s most exclusive product is the MC Chaton Rose VIVA12®. Known for its brilliance, sparkle and glitter, it features a more intense AB effect and an even greater glue-joint resistance. MC Chaton Rose VIVA12® is available in a vast array of sizes, colours and coatings.

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Martin Dvorak & Zuzana Silhanova
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Czech RepublicProfessional 01 Sep 1999
Sergey Sourkov & Agnieszka Melnicka
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